JUDGEMENT / 2002 Edition

Including Man, there are one hundred and eight different creatures in the Chinese Circle of Reincarnation. Each creature in the Circle will be judged in a mythological court under the earth after their death. This is the Buddhist philosophy of life. It also underlies the concept of my recent work named "Judgement".

In my underworld, the "Judge and His Guards" take their honorable seats. Their role is to judge the dead souls and to determine their human or animal destiny in their afterlife. Also in this court are the "Jurors": suspended characters and spirits. But they are not only jurors. They are the witnesses and they are ourselves.

~Daniel Lee 1994

"Judge and his Guards" 100x150 cm, archival print on canvas.
The 2002 edition was issued because that the output supplier, Laser Master went out of business before my 1994 edition had been printed complitely. This revised edition has been out putted by Duggal's digital C-print (limited edition of 10 prints).
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